The Benefits of Journaling (Pt.2)

Keeping a daily journal—in a notebook, on your phone or even on the computer—offers a lot of benefits to our mental health and wellbeing.

Not only does journaling inspire creativity and allow you to keep track of your ideas (perhaps for that novel you've been working on?) or to help you remember something important, but it improves you mood as well as memory.

Journaling is a means to empty your head of worries and work through your problems in a safe, private environment, and what's not to feel great about once you've lightened that load?

In this post, I'll be exploring 5 more important benefits of journaling. Check my previous December post for the first 5 I discussed!

Your journal is private and should be a safe, personal space for you to express how you feel. If you're concerned about other people reading what you write, consider buying a lockable journal or storing it somewhere only you have access to.


Whilst I wouldn't recommend keeping a journal solely for the purpose of tracking your success (based on my own experiences - more on this further down), journaling can be really beneficial when it comes to your confidence in business, at work or in relation to a creative career. Not to mention in our personal lives!

Frequent thoughts and ideas about a particular project (or something that's happening in other areas of our lives) can niggle away at us—does that mean the product is worth creating... that this idea or issue deserves to be at the forefront and treated as a priority? Keeping track of how often you return to something like this can build your self-confidence that you're doing the right thing and are on the best track to achieve your goal.


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Some people journal purely to record a history of their lives. They stick in photographs and tickets from movies they've seen or attractions they visited, plus birthday cards and a myriad of other memories. One day in the future, it'll be interesting to read back through the past and see how far you've come.

This is also a great way to prepare for writing a memoir, or something to pass down to children and grandchildren to help them remember who we were and what we stood for.


Increasing a social media following, a client list or growing the size of a business can feel like an enormous and almost impossible task. Writing about the little achievements and successes is a way to celebrate everything positive that happens relating to your creative career; sometimes, it's the tiniest of steps in the right direction that make all the difference.

Journaling is a great way to record your growth and progress, and helps us to see how often we're reaching goals or hitting important milestones.

Try not to dedicate an entire journal to this - it's easy to become obsessed and anxious when things aren't happening fast enough. Intermingle notes on success with the other wonderful benefits of journaling and lots of colourful, positive and/or calming things, too.


Everything is online nowadays, and we're always bombarded with the latest gadgets, social media trends and what we should be spending money on. Sometimes, it's nice to sit back and get away from these demands—turn off your phone and computer, pour a glass of wine and rummage in your art supply box.

Sketching and doodling or colouring something in is a great way to relax and embrace the childish creativity within us all. We can forget about the world of adulting, even if just for five minutes.


In itself, the act of journaling is easy. We simply put pen to paper. However, what journaling can teach us about ourselves isn't always the same. Challenging your own thoughts and feelings, and learning something new about who you are and what you want or believe is something to be extremely proud of.

We can be set in our ways and highly opinionated when it comes to certain ideals and subjects. Writing about why is a great way to break down boundaries and test our own strengths and weaknesses.

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