Are You a Member of the [Secret] Successful Women's Club?

No matter how hard I work or what I try, sometimes I feel like I can't replicate the success of other women. Have you ever felt an extra drive to achieve something after someone you looked up to did well in their creative career? Since then, have you struggled to replicate those results yourself?


There is nothing wrong with choosing a mentor and modelling their behaviour or strategies to see how well they can be implemented in your world. We can do this without copying or stealing an idea—most ideas have been done before and in plenty of ways and it's important to acknowledge your personality, contacts, reach, timing, location and a myriad of other factors will affect the outcome. When things go wrong, we might be left wondering why we bothered trying in the first place, or led to believe a plethora of other negative things about ourselves.


When I followed in my idol's footsteps, I saw little success because my products (and my name) were less well known and I had fewer readers at the time. At foundation level, I could mimic their actions, but I could never transfer their enthusiasm, personality, existing contacts and emotion to my business because we are two completely different people.


Try not to be upset or angry at failure. Sometimes, what we learn from an experience deterrers us and sometimes, it pumps adrenaline through our veins and urges us forward. Ultimately, it teaches us that no two souls are alike and sales will show where your focus and energy flows. This isn't a game of spot the difference between you... it's beneficial to stand out, to add a unique twist and evolve someone else's thoughts and ideas into something that aligns with you. When you truly believe in something, the product will be better received as it's personal. It's authentic. It resonates with your tribe.

It doesn't matter that you cannot replicate your idol's work; what they worked hard for has done the job you needed it to do... it inspired you to build something capable of inspiring others, simply because of who you are and what you stand for. That's a wonderful thought. It is something your idol, should you come face-to-face with them in the future, might hope to replicate one day, too. How awesome would that be?

What are you good at? What are your strengths and what do you love to do? Are there products or services out there you think are fantastic? Start there. If having a creative career and making millions was easy, we would all be rich and living on an island named after us. We could wave to each other. The 'route to success' is no secret because there are no exact routes to success. Nor are there secrets and clubs. On the outside, successful women are going to act successful so they can continue to be successful, and women who are yet to be successful will act successful so others will trust them and buy from them and eventually, they will be genuinely successful too. Makes sense, right? The 'fake it 'till you make it' speech could be bang on the money.


Starting and running a creative career is hard and nothing is certain, but it's brave to get stuck in and have a go. Try not to be envious of an idea, a shell or a front, because there is no way to see through the fog unless you personally know someone. Use their success to fuel your passion.

This is realistic. This is achievable.

A PROMPT - Allow 10 Minutes

Turn to the next blank page in your journal. Your journal is private and should be a safe, personal space for you to express how you feel. If you're concerned about other people reading what you write, consider buying a lockable journal or storing it somewhere only you have access to.

Write a list of all the things you're really good at; what do you consider strengths? Think about who your idol is and what you would consider to be their strengths. See how you share some common traits!

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