Rocketbook Fusion Notebook Review

On November 15th 2020, I received a cool writerly gadget called the Rocketbook Fusion, ordered from Amazon UK. I thought I'd have a play with it to see what came in the kit and how easy the notebook is to use. Turns out... very!

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If you're not familiar with the Rocketbook Fusion, it's a smart notebook designed to wipe clean for re-use with a damp cloth, but also includes QR coded pages so you can scan your notes into the app and share them by e-mail and various other platforms (including social media).

I purchased the 'Rocketbook Fusion Smart Reusable Notebook - Executive A5 - 7 Page Styles To Maximise Productivity, FriXion Pen and Wipe Included' but opted for the Neptune Teal colour rather than plain black. On receipt, the pack contained the notebook itself, a black Pilot FriXion erasable pen, a folded leaflet and a grey cloth.

I specifically chose this one over the others offered from Rocketbook because of the 7 page styles. Not only does it include dotted and lined pages, but it also includes a calendar, a task list, 2 weekly spreads, an objectives page and an ideas/inspiration page—42 overall. The notebook can also be purchased in A4, other colours and has other page types inside... worth noting!


On first glance, the book doesn't look like much because it's quite thin. However, it's thin for a reason—the sheets are reusable. They are high quality, white and smooth, which (despite what you might think) are lovely to write on with the pen* you get. You don't need to press down hard, so this is a plus for me—I'm very heavy-handed when I write usually.

*It's important to purchase the correct pens, I should note, because the Pilot FriXion range are the only pens you should be using with this. They are erasable and do come in a variety of colours and nibs.

I love the colour scheme of the turquoise and almost rose-gold/bronze spiral binding and print on the front. You can flip it open to write easily and the pages turn nicely (no more finger licking!).

When you open it up, there's a key on the inside cover which (with the app), you can assign to various destinations such as an email address or online cloud storage. These symbols are repeated at the bottom of each page, so when you scan a sheet, you can indicate where it needs to go.

Of course, my first step was to test out the pages, then test out the app. It's free to download to your phone (and works with pages you can download for free online, too—it's worth mentioning you can get printable sheets and don't actually need to purchase a notebook).

I was pleasantly surprised, because it scanned and saved my pages quickly. They looked great, and I could even click to share them to social media rather than direct to one of the apps in the leaflet (as I tend not to use them).

If you're using the app, it will register things on the page; we scanned one of my books just to investigate and it worked! In the app settings, you can activate a tool to turn your handwritten notes into typed text, too. Just follow the instructions.

Finally, the cloth you get is a nice quality microfibre - soft and smooth to the touch and embroidered with their logo.


I already owned a set of FriXion Colours (felt tip pens), and the ink** was faint when I used them on this notebook. This meant when I scanned the pages with those colours, the app didn't pick some of the shades up. The black pen it came with however, was smashing, and I prefer the 07 FriXion Ball.

**I have since learnt the ink is known to fade in heat and sunlight, and by cooling the pens (putting them in the freezer for 20 mins), the colour comes back. This was stated in the leaflet, which would explain a lot because my pens are rather old! So... user error and not a fault with the notebook or app!

I also noticed the package wasn't padded or protected. The back bottom corner of my notebook had a little piece missing - this could have happened in transit or it could, based on the shape just have happened when the cover was cut during manufacturing. Either way, it didn't bother me so much (you wouldn't notice it unless it was pointed out!), and if you order direct from Rocketbook and not through a retailer, they may ship their parcels differently. Thankfully, Amazon's thick cardboard packaging on the outside protected it from any further damage.


Overall, this is a really cost-effective writing gadget! There are lots available that cost over £100, but the Rocketbook kit is less than £40 and does a great job. It's also quite stylish looking, and I like that the pens can be purchased from most places (I have even seen them in my local supermarket!). These, too, are very reasonably priced.

To get your hands on one, you can follow my handy link or visit the retailer of your choice. This might make a lovely gift for a student, a writer or anyone in a business/office job.

**Keep an eye out for my hand-written updates, which I'll share occasionally on the blog using this Rocketbook!**

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