On a scale of 1 to Rachael, how 2020 are you?

I don't know about you, but I am officially over this pandemic (and this year in general). I'm ready for a holiday; preferably one where I won't have to risk getting stranded abroad or having mask-shaped tan lines from laying on a beach (if I did actually tan for once in my vampire life).

I recently noticed that I am NOT photogenic in any way, shape or form. And people have a habit of catching me at my absolute worst... no matter where I am or what I'm doing.

But the great side of this is... these photos are so 'on a scale of one to Rachael, how 2020 are you' it's unbelievably accurate, and leads to a wonderful opportunity to have a giggle at my expense.

So, to lighten the mood and not take life so seriously for five minutes, let's play my new game... on a scale of 1-Rachael, how 2020 are you today?

1) Clearly NOT born ready for this sh*t.

2) Is it over yet?

3) WHY on God's earth would you fart when we're all locked indoors together?

4) So you're out of toilet paper and suggest I wipe my arse on WHAT?

5) Oh no they did not just close my favourite bookstore!

6) Don't worry everyone, I've seen the future... it's still sh*t.

7) You did not just come near me without a mask on.

8) When someone tells you it's OK to return to crowded shopping centres.

9) I'm off to the Winchester until this all blows over.

or my personal favourite...

10) Goodbye diet, and thanks for all the cake.

Stay positive everyone and please stay safe.

It could be worse... you could look like me. ;) <3

Rachael x

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