5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Writers

Struggling for ideas when it comes to Christmas (or birthday!) gifts for the writer in your life? I may have the perfect suggestions for you right here! These suggestions won't include books, but please do give me a shout if you'd like to hear some of my favourite fiction and non-fiction titles from my bookshelf. You can also check out my recommended reads for sparking inspiration.

I own (or have owned/used) these items and I love them all for different reasons. Some are reasonably priced and others are a bit more expensive, so it depends on your budget and the person you're shopping for—go ahead and check them out, though; they may spark some inspiration if nothing else!

Rory's Story Cubes

I've used these for school visits and workshops in the past, and children love how easy and fun these are to work with. Each themed pack (fantasy, voyage, prehistoric, etc.) has a set of dice with images to help with creative writing through prompts and ideas.

Go ahead and challenge your young writer (or yourself) to roll the dice and come up with an interesting tale. These are really affordable and come in different sized packs and themes.


Also... they are handy for authors to add to their toolkits!

Livescribe Smart Pen

This idea is more expensive, but it's a cool gadget I used frequently for taking notes and uploading them quickly and easily to my laptop. I had the Echo pen, but there are now different versions you can buy. The livescribe pen is comfy to write with and uses special dot paper to record sound and capture your notes. This would be ideal for a student who doesn't want to miss their lecture notes.

Be sure to get the dot paper it works with. Other accessories and options are available such as sticky notes and refills.

Here is your link!

Post-It Cat Dispenser

I love this for obvious reasons! It's a cat! It was bought for me as a gift along with a cute tape dispenser, which I now use for pink washi tape on my desk. This cute kitty is weighted with a springy button in the centre, meaning your sticky notes are pushed forward and don't fall out.

Here is your link!

If you opt for zig-zag Post-Its (which it is designed for), each note you use will pull the next to the front for you (like tissues in a box!). I use mine every day—it's really handy. You will need some Post-Its, too!

Willow Tree Reading Ornament

Whenever I've bought a Willow Tree figurine, it has been well received. They're thoughtful and sweet to look at—simple and elegant. Mine was a gift, and she sits on a little stone and reads her book on my shelf all day long.

It's the first and only Willow Tree I own, and I was really overwhelmed when I opened it a few Christmases ago.

Here is your link.

If you don't know any writers, bookworms might like this as well!

JellyCat Coffee Cup

Of course I'm going to include a cuddle buddy in this list! Some of you may remember that I did an unboxing for both my JellyCat Latte (aka Coffee to Go), the Toast and the Coffee Cup when they arrived on my YouTube channel. They are both on my bookshelf, and act as my little writing buddies from time to time.

They are really soft and fluffy and have the cutest smiles. Most writers live off coffee, too (if they are anything like me!), so I'm sure they would appreciate it!

Get this HERE!

I hope you found some helpful ideas, and perhaps some of these sparked inspiration for future gifts as well. Please get in touch if you'd like to know more about the stationary and journals etc. that I love (as these make great gifts... so do books, just sayin'!).

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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