Personal Productivity Planner, 2018

I'm thrilled to announce my Curious Cat Books imprint is launching a new brand of personal planner this month, and I'm so addicted I might just keep one for myself!

I owe much of my success to my planner - it helps me to keep track of appointments, ideas, social media, contacts, tools and much more. I know from hunting for the perfect planner myself that there are some expensive options out there, most of which are dated, so limit how and when you can begin using it (unless you want to waste a few months!). I wanted to help other independent authors find their very first handy design by creating a low-cost, flexible planner, containing everything you'll need on your road to success.

And the great thing is, the dates are blank and it's super easy to personalise.

I like variety and choice, so my Personal Productivity Planner comes in three cover options:

  • Blue Floral (as seen in the video) - a blue/ green background with flowers across the bottom.

  • Black Grunge - a black and white marble effect

  • Peacock - vibrant peacock feathers

The cover design is the same front and back, with the word 'planner' written on the front to identify its purpose. The contents are the same regardless of the cover you choose, and inside you will find:

  • 1 Personal details page

  • Over 1 year of weekly spreads (Mon-Sun)

  • 1/2 to-do bar

  • 1/2 sidebar

  • Notes pages

  • Journal pages

  • 9 habit tracker boxes

  • Contacts A-Z

The planner is designed to be easy to personalise and decorate, with lots of white space and a clean, plain layout you can adapt to any purpose. The planners are A5 and flexible, with gorgeous glossy covers in bright colours. The binding is a black plastic spiral so you can fold it around or lay it completely flat, making the planner easy to use and manipulate.

The blue floral, as seen in the video below, was the first cover design to be released. It was soon followed by the black grunge, released for anyone wanting a simpler (less feminine) design, and the peacock, which is my personal favourite!

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The first page in the planner is an information sheet where you can fill in your personal details (name, address, telephone number, email address and date of birth) should your planner go missing, and note up to five important dates to remember. You can also find my website address and logo on this page.

*Tip - use the important dates section to celebrate successes. When was your first book published? When did you sell your first 500 copies? When did you become a bestseller?"

Turn the page and you will find the first double spread - your weekly layout with Mon-Sun across the top and four square boxes beneath each day for you to use at your leisure. Meetings, social media/ blog plans, coffee dates, to-do lists etc. The dates are completely blank, allowing you to start using your planner at any time without wasting sections, and inside each planner is over a year's worth of spreads, giving you time to choose and re-order another when it's full.

On the right hand side of this spread, you will also find a sidebar (split into two), for use as a to-do list. Beneath each page there are two lines for inspirational quotes (or general notes) and at the top, a single line for you to fill in the date.

Your second weekly spread is a little different. On the right are nine square and rectangular boxes for you to track habits, social media platform increases, orders, deliveries - literally anything - and decorate in any way you like. You can also monitor fitness, healthy eating, water, word count, mood, finances, TBR lists and anything else you have in mind.

*TIP - Don't be afraid to use stickers and white-out tape to re-purpose any of these sections.*

On the right is a blank journal page for you to reflect on the week, or use as a notes page. The paper is white and reasonably thick to reduce the likelihood of pens bleeding or ghosting through to the other side.

At the back of the planner you will find an A-Z contacts section with one page per letter and room for up to 5 entries. Fill in a person's name, business, email address, address, telephone number/s and post code. You are then provided with 10 notes pages, plus a final blank page at the very back.

To keep costs low (and quality high), these planners are exclusively available through (independent publisher and printers. You can order your own planner for just £9.99 + postage.

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If you'd rather print and bind your own planner sheets, you can now purchase and download the blank spreads, A-Z contact pages and notes pages direct from my website. Buy once and re-use them as many times as you like - just be sure to set the PDF page up correctly before you hit 'print'!

*TIP - if you have your own binding machine at home, why not save money and print/ design your own A4 planner?*

Check them out - click HERE,


Thank you for checking out this brand new Curious Cat Books product with me. I hope you find it helpful and if you're interested in seeing some other cover designs, you can submit your ideas and requests via email to - I'd love to hear your thoughts!