The Author Interviews: Andre Govier

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To give my readers and fellow writers an insight into the processes and successes of other like-minded creatives, I'll be featuring some hardworking authors in my journal each week.

Today's author is Andre Govier, and he's indie published.


Author BIO:

I have helped to raise money for Reverse Rett for 6 years. This has normally been by completing a ridiculously long walk. Since then I decided to try and use my writing skills to help raise funds to get this horrible condition cured. My latest book tells the story of the amazing Livvy Meredith who would not be defined by Rett Syndrome.

All royalties are going to the charity, Reverse Rett. Please help these girls by purchasing this inspirational story and writing a review.


What made you want to become a writer?

I read an article that only 10% of books downloaded online were read beyond the first chapter. I thought this was ridiculous and decided to try and beat that percentage. Some people don’t want to be intimidated by large books and for that reason I started with easy read teen fiction first person narratives.

What are your thoughts on the indie vs traditional publishing argument?

If you have the skills to self-publish, then I would recommend it. The traditional publishing route puts too many fingers in the pie and there is no pie left for the author.

Can you tell us a little bit about your latest novel?

My latest book is a true story about a little girl who suffered terribly from Rett Syndrome. All the Royalties are going to who are the charity funding the search for that extremely close cure. The story is told through the eyes of a West Midlands mother whose little girl develops normally until twenty months of age but then suffers a violent regression which takes her ability to walk, talk, communicate, eat normally and even breath properly. It also leaves a little girl having an extremely high number of seizures each day. “Living Like Livvy” is not actually a book about disability but actually a book about ability. Livvy’s mum forbid the word can’t and replaced it with “How shall we?” Yes, it is very sad in places but also incredibly inspirational and uplifting.

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Please share your top 3 marketing tips with us.

  • Keep launch lists of contacts to message on all social media platforms and email lists.

  • Drip your advertisements in slowly rather than blasting people with the same thing constantly.

  • Gently remind buyers of how you appreciate reviews.

Tell us about your typical writing day.

For this latest book I had a series of very long recorded phone calls with Livvy’s Mum, Sara Meredith whilst writing this book. I would then try and find a quiet place on my own to write. My favourite place was my caravan next the sea in North Wales. I prefer to write in 2-hour sessions and I’m always better in the moorings.

What is your definition of success? Would you say you are a successful author?

I think my answer for this would change each year. At present it would have to be success is hitting your goal. As this book is for charity and I have put a lot of work into it over a year I want it to generate the desperately needed funds. My sponsored events normally raise about £7000 so I will consider this book successful if it beats that figure in royalties.

Share some of your writing goals with us. Have you met any of them yet?

My goal in 2018 is purely to spread awareness of the horror of Rett Syndrome which wrecks the lives of one in 12000 girls each year and is known about by few doctors and gets zero funding from the government. I also want to raise maximum funds. Next year, maybe I will return to writing for my own goals.

How do you deal with negative reviews and criticism?

I can’t please everyone. I listen and never assume there is no space for improvement. I don’t however loose sleep.

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Do you have a favourite author for fiction and non-fiction? Why are they your favourite and which of their books would you recommend?

I like both the fiction and non-fiction of Andy McNab. I think that Bravo Two Zero is the best book for shear “Can’t put it down” value, I have ever read.

Where do you get your ideas?

My fiction was from experiences and a bit of people watching and a few shovels of imagination.

Do you outsource your work?

I have only outsourced having a cover design made. I found a nice German graphic designer who did this using the app Fiverr.

Are you a plotter or a pantser? Please tell us why and what your pre-writing processes are.

I made a story on a big blank page. I put all the events in here. I then make a list of all my characters and on a page for each I write a sort of cv. I then get a big pad and write by hand one or two words at the top of each page. I then go through the pad and scribble my story out. I then use the computer to type it up and do the tidying up.

Why do you write?

Previously for fun. Last time was motivated by wanted to help thousands of sick girls with Rett Syndrome.

What is your mission statement?

I don’t so much have a mission statement about writing, but I do recognise that reading is how people build intelligence. The people who read books are more articulate and have skills which open more doors. I hope my books written in a way that makes them easy to read, help other people open more doors.

What do you love the most about writing and why?

I like that moment when you press save and it is complete and ready to share.

What do you dislike about writing and why?

Wanting to read books at the same time as wanting to do my writing.

Do you ever visit other authors' websites and if so, what do you look for? Why?

I use writing groups on Facebook to test ideas and also to make sure phrases are easily understood in other English speaking countries.

In order of importance when shopping online, what do you look at first? Examples: cover design, formatting, reviews, description, price, publisher, author name, page count, preview, formats available.

1. Blurb

2. Cover

3. Price


5. Size of book

Leave a comment or note of thanks for your readers?

I would like to say thank you for reading this far down. If your still with me, please consider buying Living Like Livvy and supporting these girls. Don’t buy my teen fiction as any money made on those I shall just waste on chocolate or beer. Each penny of Royalties from Living Like Livvy is going directly to the charity.


Thank you so much to author Andre Govier for sharing his insights on writing and publishing books. If you would like to support Andre and his work, please consider purchasing a copy of the book, Living Like Livvy, available on Amazon now. Check out the handy link below: