Make Your Own Potion Bottles

For Finding Pandora: The Complete Collection's first official book signing at Wrose Carnival, July 1st 2017, I've been making some lovely glass potion bottles. The book is a high fantasy, focusing on magical powers, good vs evil and Pandora's Box. Here is a really cheap and easy way to make these for your own event.

What you will need:

  • Mini glass bottles - available from craft stores/ online

  • Medium glass bottles - available from craft stores/ online

  • Glitter or multi-coloured gems

  • Charms

  • 1 page of your novel

  • Tea

Where I sourced my supplies:

How To Make Them:

  1. Open up the bottles and empty out the glitter. Mix the colours together.

  2. Share the glitter between the bottles. This can get messy, so I used a paper plate bent in two as a funnel, or you can tap the glitter from bottle to bottle.

  3. In the medium-sized bottles, drop in a charm. I used the infinity symbol (from the novel) but you can choose something else.

  4. Print out your page and rip (not cut) them into strips. The rip will give an uneven edge, like old parchment.

  5. Using a damp tea bag, stain the paper and leave it to dry for several hours.

  6. When dry, roll the strips up with the text facing out and slide them into the bottles.

  7. Replace the corks and shake to mix up the ingredients.

You should find a unique and interesting way to display these at the event, and as they are so cheap and quick to make you can give them away as freebies or tokens with any purchase.

Have fun and good luck with your event!