April 10, 2019

I start most of my blog posts off (particularly my monthly updates) by apologising for not updating recently, so you can probably guess where I'm going with this...! You guessed it... MEGA APOLOGIES for disappearing from the blog over the past few months - I have some...

March 31, 2019

I was thrilled to be invited to visit Horton Grange Academy on Monday 25th March 2019 to work with their Year 3 and Year 4 classes, discussing my creative career and running some 30 minute workshops.

As promised, I'm now announcing the winners of the short story (story...

February 13, 2019

Argh, it's been such a crazy few months! 2019 is definitely my year (touch wood *taps her head*) because I'm so excited about so many things!

WHSmith Book Signings

I was absolutely thrilled to attend my first chain bookstore signing with WHSmith, Trafford Centre, Manches...

July 28, 2018

(Image - Rachael's display at Wrose Library, 07/07/2018)

Happy almost August, loyal readers!

It's been a community focused, website designing, personal development (and melt in your writer's cave) kind of month, with lots happening and even more to come despite the super...

 Image: E. Rachael Hardcastle at Shipley Arts Festival 2018 (30/06/2018).

Thanks for stopping by to read my June 2018 update! It's been a busy month (and for the past week, a super warm one here in the UK - I think I might be melting). I thought it about time I added an...

Image: E. Rachael Hardcastle and Noah Finn & the Art of Suicide (2018 Edition)

It's been an awful long time since I've updated my online journal. I've missed you guys - how are you? 


I'm hoping those of you already subscribed to my fan club have been safe...

January 16, 2018

Dear readers,

Thank you so much for visiting my journal today. I have lots of exciting news and updates to share with you. 

Author Interviews

I'd like to thank you all for your patience over the past few weeks. As I'm sure you'll have noticed, I've made some significant u...

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